He’s been called the smartest Swede on earth and his controversial TED talks on themes like algorithmic consciousness, parallel universes – and recently AI and the future of humanity – has rendered him an almost rock star like iconic status.


We are proud to present Max Tegmark, the world famous physicist, cosmologist and researcher in artificial intelligence as opening keynote speaker at Sime Stockholm 2018.
He will share his thoughts on the development of artificial intelligence, its promises, potential and risks, and explain why he finds it one of the most important and challenging questions right now.
“For me, artificial intelligence is the most important democracy issue of our time”, he said in the Swedish radio program Summer earlier this year, and opened up the discussion on AI to a broad audience.

But it doesn’t stop there. The change will be much more profound and sci-fi-like than that. It’s just a question of time until we have an artificial intelligence that is by far superior to ours, that outsmarts us in every discipline, from running to relationships. How we tackle that will be the critical issue for the human race and lay the ground for the coming civilisation on earth. It can go either way, AI can be “the best or the worst thing ever happened to humanity.” By founding the organization Future of Life together with Elon Musk Max Tegmark has devoted himself to ensure that the development takes us to the better place.

How and why we will hear at Sime Stockholm Inspiration Stage, November 15,  9.30