At Sime 2018 we transform Epicenter, Stockholm’s leading innovation house, into a Sime Land dazzling with knowledge, activities and relevant meetings. We gather world leading speakers, industrial leaders, scale-ups, start-ups, unicorns and artists in the digital frontline in our multiple venues and stages, all orchestrated by our host and moderator Ola Ahlvarsson.


  • 100 speakers including world famous thought leaders, inspiring unicorn founders, top CEOs, Company builders, game changers and wonderful storytellers that will blow your mind.
  • 10 special summits you can choose, including: AI; Customer Excellence; Leading Digital Transformation; Digital Marketing; IoT; Intrapreneur; Scale-up; Leadershift; Social Impact; Retail Summit. A Sime Summit is a 2–2,5 hour deep dive with 15–20 minute keynotes, panels, demos and performances combined with audience interaction.
  • Expert Talks on various subjects as Brand Building, Growth Strategies, Blockchain, IoT, Crowd Insights and more… A Sime Expert talk is a 45 minutes thought leader session where handpicked experts and executives discuss a topic with the ambition to dig deeper and share experiences.
  • Demo zone where you are invited to watch, touch and feel the latest innovations in tech and customer interaction.
  • Best business meetings in town with the smartest crowd – and a magic party. 2000+ participants can’t be wrong (including your colleagues, customers and brand new friends). Put on your red shoes and dance a long!


Max Tegmark – Professor MIT, world famous physicist and AI expert
Matt McMullen – Founder Realbotix, creator of ”livedoll” Harmony and ”robohunk” Henry
Allison Johnson – Marketing professional, legendary global CMO at Apple under Steve Jobs
Oobah Butler – UK based filmmaker master of web pranks, ”The Donald Trump of TripAdvisor”
Linda Hammarstrand – Co-founder Culture Academy HR specialist and keynote speaker on passion and company culture
Jacob Felländer – World famous artist and photographer
Chris Dancy – The most connected human on earth
Tiffani Bova – Growth guru and bestselling author on growth and transformation
Ariel Garten – Expert in brainwave communication, co-founder of InteraXon, creators of Muse
Vikram Gandhi – Filmmaker behind Netflix success “Kumaré, the true story of a false prophet”
and many more, our speaker roster is updated on daily basis… See all this year’s speaker here.

Tickets are selling out fast. In addition we raise the prices on November 1st. Join us now with an 20% Early Bird discount. Register here